Mid-Day’s with Leslie T Travis

M-F 10a-2p

Five markets and decades in radio. Leslie T has won the radio Academy Award, the Marconi Award for her work in Houston and the CMA as a music director early in her career.

Born in Missouri, she grew up wanting to pitch for the KC Royals! But once the headset went on, she decided it was more fun to watch the games and play radio. Through her career Leslie T has met many of her heroes. Loretta Lynn, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Dolly Parton. But some of her favorite memories are taking friends and fans backstage to meet their heroes!

Nationally recognized as one of the top jocks in the country kept her busy during her time in Houston. But she managed to get married and have a couple kids who loved to join her backstage at big concerts – and ride the rides free at the county fairs! Once the kids graduated from high school, she decided to retire and move to a quieter life. Quiet never settled well with Leslie and she came to join the Bravo Mic family.

A near encyclopedic knowledge of classic country and a quick sense of humor have helped her build a strong fan base across the country and she can’t wait to meet you and play you a song!

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